Mission and Vision


Our primary mission is to educate qualified lawyers who possess the fundamental notions, institutions and rules of law; and having the ability to access and use information in the light of contemporary and universal values. Additionally, we commit ourselves on contributing to development of law and the solution of problems and presenting the scientific researches for the good of society on the process of implementing the law.


Our primary vision, by transition to the age of information and communication, is to educate the lawyers, who are in harmony with themselves as well as their leadership characteristics; and realize and desire this continuous change; and care for the needs of society in the contemporary world where learning, producing, practicing and management habits are changing. In this sense, formation of a professional group that is able to contribute to science; generate a solution, not a problem as a role model for the society. Additionally, we acquire the vision of training legal scientists who are integrated with the scientific world and able to transform the research power into social usefulness; and raising awareness of society on legal decisions in accordance with the contemporary concepts.

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