At his best, man is the noblest of all animals; separated from law and justice he is the worst.


What is law and justice has been always a confusing question. For years the human race has tried to sought and maintained justice. Law and justice have been always seen as basic notions of society and state.

There are two basic functions of law: To determine common good to remain survive together in a society and to settle a controversy between citizens. In accordance with these functions it is the jurist works hard to maintain justice.

Jurist holds the heart of society. The knowledge of a jurist as a judge, lawyer, and academician is vital for society to maintain life. Because ‘’Justice is the basis of the state’’.

In ancient civilizations it was believed that societies could only survive under favor of justice.
Raise of feeling of injustice in a society causes a tension between legal order and people. This will harm legitimacy of authority and endanger existence of state. Legist is the one who pursue justice which is the legitimacy of existence of state. Pursuing justice can only be possible with knowledge. To gain knowledge person should have an insatiable desire and self – confidence.

However legal education is not just a process of gaining knowledge. On the other hand without knowledge gained during the period of studentship legal education cannot be come to a successful conclusion. Law student should know the fact that he/she carries a great responsibility on his/her shoulders. Law student should know that every movement of him/her will cause vital consequences in future. As a future legist law student should know spirit of law, have a gift for gab keep an open mind and be aware of cultural values society. Otherwise he/she cannot be regarded as a legist and remains as a technician.

Law represents justice before society. Therefore law school carries a different responsibility. We are aware of the fact that as a legist our profession is beyond just profession. With the awareness of that our fundamental duty and goal is to train morally justified, conscious, qualified legists, not law technicians, who have a full sense of justice.

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