Dean’s message

Welcome to Dokuz Eylul University Faculty of Law

We thank you for this visit and sharing a part of your time with us.

Faculty of Law is an institution which claims to provide progress in the field of education and research at all times, and to keep up with developments in the world. As we all know, law consists of not only an application of current rules, but also a research for rational law (lege ferenda). Therefore, the fundamental aim of our Faculty is “to develop Law according to reason and science for a modern society ”.

Our Faculty is a community of qualified academicians and students. The faculty is one of the most competitive Law Schools in Turkey with 11 full professors, 9 associate professors, 29 assistant, 40 research assistants, 2 lecturer, currently teaching and conducting research. This staff is also supporting many state and private universities. Our lecturers, beside producing original scientific studies make olso significant contributions to the formation, development and settlement of Law by taking part in commissions and study groups.

Training at the master’s and doctoral level in Dokuz Eylul University Faculty of Law has been successfully carried out for a long time. There are master’s degree programmes in the fields required by modern developments, such as business law, family law, human rights law and European Union law, in addition to the classical areas such as public law and private law. Furthermore, the Faculty has strong connections with law schools abroad, within the framework of Erasmus+ Programme and other bilateral cooperation agreements. With this respect, it is possible to say that our Faculty opens a window to the world at the same time as providing a classical teaching.

We hope that we had a chance to introduce ourselves briefly through this visit. Wishing that full satisfaction has been obtained by visiting this website, we send our best regards.

Prof. Dr. M. Refik KORKUSUZ


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